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Shepherds Overflow Program


Our Shepherd’s Overflow involves:

•       After school programs including tutoring

•       Community activities, such as: health and wellness programs, movies, games, etc.

•       Counseling services for adults and children;

•       Distributing Toys for Tots — 15 years

Toys for Tots


Heavenly Vision Ministries, Inc. has been a distributor of Toys for Tots for over 15 years.

Kingdom Daughters United

KDUSummit-007 copy.jpeg

HVM, Inc. founded, in 2016, Kingdom Daughters United and hosts a Kingdom Daughters United Summit once a year. And as an off-shoot holds a Kingdom Daughters United Gathering once a month teaching and supporting women in ministry and those interested in learning and having a better understanding of the Bible.

We gather every 4th Friday from 7pm - 8pm EST

Becoming Who I am Youth Empowerment

BWIAYE Image 3_edited.jpg

This organization was designed to help develop and prepare our youth for today’s society. It strives to improve the well-being of the child by providing a role model that can support the child academically, socially and/or personally. The program offers a variety of job readiness and self development skills that will teach your child / children how to transition from being a young teenager, and prepare them for adulthood.

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